Past Governors' Projects

  • For the 2014-2016 biennium Rocky Mountain Region was a partner with Children of Peace International to help provide girls and young women in Vietnam with hope and the ability to dream big dreams. Funds raised went toward providing a college education to young women through a yearly scholarship. Funds also supported ongoing efforts to mentor and teach leadership skills to girls who have been trafficked, abandoned, or abused.
  • For 2012-14 Rocky Mountain Region was a partner in funding a preventive program against cervical cancer in rural regions of Armenia.  Once the financial commitment was met, additional funds received were distributed to Children of Peace for their cervical cancer prevention program.
  • For 2010-2012 Rocky Mountain Region was "Remaking a Life."  The COPI project is partnering with six other non-governmental organizations to provide life skills training for women who are victims of human trafficking, domestic violence and social injustice. The women learn to write resumes, improve their self-esteem, and develop skills for successful living including nutrition and women's health.  Funds provided for survival bags for at least 300 women. These bags have all of their workshop materials, a portfolio to complete their resume, books, personal hygiene kit, small make-up kit, a five dollar phone card, and a five dollar taxi voucher. The phone card and taxi voucher are to help them escape to a secure spot if necessary.
  • For 2008-2010 Rocky Mountain Region supported two projects. During the 2008-2010 biennium COPI received a total of $4734.00 from Rocky Mountain Region for the Little Rose Project which was a project to house and help girls reclaim their lives after they had been rescued from the web of human trafficking. Help in these shelters included counseling, education and skills training among other things, depending on the individual girl’s readiness. The goal was $4,200 for this project which included the annual club assessment. This was actually 70% of total funds requested for the governor’s project this biennium because we had a two-part project for the first time. The other 30% went to Into Your Hands – Hands of Hope scholarship program. The goal was $1800 for that project which also included a portion of the club assessments. By the end of the biennium a total of $2,286 was donated from the region. The grand total was $7,020 for both projects.
  • In 2006-2008 Rocky Mountain Region continued the region’s partnership with Children of Peace International with a pledge to support two projects that focused on women. The first provided 500 reflective vests to women in North Vietnam who biked from surrounding farms to the market in Hanoi each morning before 4:30 a.m. The second project provided ten market kiosks for indigenous women who offered their beautiful quilts and blankets for sale in the popular tourist town of Sapa. The goal was to raise $5,500 for these two projects, but thanks to the generosity of the clubs and individual region members, total contributions at the end of the biennium were just short of $9,000.
  • In 2004-2006 Rocky Mountain Region provided scholarships to fund schooling for the orphan children in Vietnam through Children of Peace International. This biennium's theme for COPI was: “Rocky Mountain Region Soroptimist Scholarships for Children of Peace.” This project provided scholarships for 700 poor children for 1st grade through college level in Vietnam. The goal was to donate $5,000 for these Rocky Mountain Region Scholarships. The goal was exceeded through generous club and personal donations of over $7,000 for scholarships during this biennium.
  • In 2002-2004 Rocky Mountain Region provided funds to supply school supplies, medical supplies and other necessities for the children through Children of Peace International. During this biennium members donated school supplies, blankets, yarn, stuffed animals and medicine to COPI, as well as $8,000.00 to the Vocational School. Members Gay Houchins and Stacey Scharfe traveled with Binh Rybacki to Vietnam.
  • In 2000-2002 Rocky Mountain Region provided funds to build a school in Vietnam for orphan children through Children of Peace International which was the first project chosen. The goal was to raise $10,000 over the biennium. In total there was around $18,000 from clubs and personal donations by 2002.